BB Non-Stop: Ep 68: Akhil’s Sudden Bonding With MitraBB Non-Stop is one of the popular reality shows in Telugu. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the show host. The house has got a new captain and the housemates picked the worst as well as best performers yet again.

*Jala Jala Jalapatham*
Jala Jala Jalapatham is the captaincy task during the week. The contenders stood at a designated place with water beakers in front of them. There is a water barrel arranged to their opposite side. In between, there is a rope hurdle. The housemates who want to support to their favorite contestant will have to carry water to the opposite side and pour it in their beakers.

Mitra is first out of the game followed by Siva and Baba Bhaskar. Lastly, the game was between Anil and Akhil. Finally, Akhil has become the captain of the house.

*Akhil’s sudden bonding with Mitra*
If at all there is anyone who has disrespected and exposed Mitra’s behaviour in the house, it is Akhil. However, all of a sudden, Akhil started developing a special bond with Mitra which is surprising everyone in the house.

*Best Performer*
When Bigg Boss asked to choose the best performer, Akhil straightaway picked Mitra’s name. But, after a debate and voting, Hamida is awarded the Best Performer for the week.

*Worst Performer*
Yet again, Mitra is the worst performer of the week.

Akhil – Hamida
Mitra – Hamida
Ariyana – Mitra
Siva – Mitra
Baba – Ashu
Anil – Mitra
Bindu – Siva
Ashu – Hamida
Hamida – Siva
Natraj – Mitra
Ajay – Baba

Mitra is sent to prison.