BB Non-Stop: Ep 63: Bendakaya NominationsBB Non-Stop is the OTT version of the popular reality show Bigg Boss. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the show host. The reality show currently has 10 members. As it is Monday, it is the Nominations day.

Mitra – Ashu, Bindu
Ariyana – Akhil, Ashu
Akhil – Bindu, Ariyana
Natraj – Anil, Hamida
Anil – Natraj, Ajay
Ajay – Anil, Hamida
Hamida – Ashu, Ajay
Bindu – Akhil, Ajay
Siva – Ashu, Akhil
Ashu – Mitra, Hamida

*Sugar Problems*
Sugar went missing in the Bigg Boss house. Ariyana requested Bigg Boss to send the same. Bigg Boss informed the housemates that the sugar is already in the house in a different place. After bringing it out, captain Siva asked the housemates about who has hid Sugar. Hamida admitted that she placed it there but has forgotten about the same.

Akhil and Bindu fought again during the nominations. Bindu wanted to prove that Akhil is unnecessarily taunting her but Bindu lost her point when she sought help from Siva. Akhil stated that Bindu is using woman card but Bindu rejected it.

Mitra also surprisingly nominated Bindu saying that she is unnecessarily using Sravanthi’s name during the nominations.

Ashu nominated Mitra saying that she did not make Okra curry properly. Ashu and Hamida nominated each other too. It is when Hamida sarcastically commented that Ashu is doing Bendakaya nominations and then, Ashu said that Hamida also nominated people using Sweet Chapathi.

*Special Power to Baba Bhaskar*
Baba Bhaskar who is in the secret room got a special power to save one person from the nominations. Baba saved Bindu Madhavi.

*Final Nominated Contestants*
Akhil, Ani, Hamida, Ashu, and Ajay