Bigg Boss Non-Stop: Episode 59: New Wild Card Entry in the HouseBigg Boss is the show where viewers can see their favourite yet controversial celebrities living their life the way they are. Big Boss Non-stop Telugu added extra effect to the Bigboss as it enabled the audience to watch them 24*7 in Disney+Hotstar. With this, we can see a lot of fights, emotions, romance, jealousy and other stuff as well.

Today’s episode started with housemate videos and ended with a wild card entry.

Break the Flags

Starting with congratulating Shiva, Later Nagarjuna broke all the flags of the duo that are there in this week’s task “Idi Naa Adda” and said no one had played a fair game in this week’s task. He also pointed out Ashu for her lack of leadership qualities and confusing mind.

Doctor-patient Game

Starting the complaining mode, Nagarjuna asked each housemate to have a doctor dress and to pick one in-mate as a patient and to say what they have as a problem and to give medicine.

Shiva gave neem leaves to Nataraj.
Ariyana gave ginger juice.
Ajay gave amla to Anil.
Mahesh gave amla to Ajay.
Mithra gave amla juice to Ariyana.
Anil gave amla to Shiva.
Hamida gave garlic for Nataraj
Bindu gave green chilli to Shiva
Ashu gave karela juice to Mahesh
Akhil gave garlic cloves to Bindu
Nataraj gave karela juice to Hamida

Wild-Card Entry

Popular dance choreographer Baba Bhaskar who already took part in the Bigg Boss season 3 is back in the house. He is the latest wild-card entry. He is sent to the secret room.