BB Non-Stop: Ep 48: Chitti Gang in the House!After an interesting nominations segment, Bigg Boss housemates picked the most irritating inmate in the current episode. BB Non-Stop is the OTT version of the Bigg Boss TV show and it is premiering on the Disney+ Hotstar app.

*Most Irritating*
During the morning activity, the housemates are asked to pick the most irritating housemate.

Sravanthi – Natraj
Natraj – Sravanthi
Ariyana – Mitra
Siva – Mitra
Ashu – Bindu
Bindu – Natraj
Akhil – Mitra
Mitra – Anil
Anil – Natraj
Ajay – Mitra
Mumait – Mitra

*Ariyana’s counter to Mitra*
After receiving the Irritating flag from many housemates, Mitra told that she will take it in a positive way. However, Ariyana interrupted Mitra, saying that she should start taking the game seriously. She should either take a stand for herself or fight against everyone.

*Chitti Gang*
This is the captaincy contenders’ task for this week. Bindu, Ashu, and Ariyana will be acting as Robot Factories. The housemates will act as suppliers and will have to grab the parts of the Robot, from time to time. By the end of the task, the housemate who has the maximum Robots in their factory and the housemate who has the maximum number of coins by selling their parts will win the task and will get a chance to be in the captaincy race.

– Bindu Madhavi was very negligent in protecting her coins. Hamida waited for a chance and snatched it from Bindu. Bindu acknowledged that it is Hamida’s strategy and she was stupid enough to not be careful.

– Sravanthi who is not able to play physical tasks stole the Robot parts that Ashu procured.

– When Mahesh was sleeping, Mumait Khan stole the Robot parts he collected.

*Strategies & Insecurities*
Every housemate is implementing their own strategy and is not giving any chance to others to help them win the game. The game is getting interesting and we have to see how it will progress in the next two days.