BB Non-Stop: Ep 43: Mitra gets cornered by everyoneBB Non-Stop show is currently trending viral all across social media. The reality show is currently streaming on the Disney+ Hotstar app. The fifth week has come to an end and we have a new captain in the house. In the current episode, multiple interesting segments have taken place.

*Worst Performer*
As usual, by the end of the week, the housemates will be picking the best and worst performers. This time, unanimously, Mitra has got a maximum number of votes as the worst performer.

Mumait – Worst is Bindu
Tejaswi – Worst is Mitra
Akhil – Worst is Mitra
Ashu – Worst is Mitra
Sravanthi – Worst is Mitra
Mahesh – Worst is Mitra
Siva – Worst is Mitra
Hamida – Worst is Mitra
Anil – Worst is Mitra
Bindu – Worst is Mitra
Ariyana – Worst is Bindu
Natraj – Worst is Bindu
Ajay – Worst is Mitra
Mitra – Worst is Bindu

As Mitra is the worst performer, she has been sent to jail.

*Hook them all*
Hook Them All is the Luxury Budget task in the house for this week.

*Matti Manushulu*
This is another task in the house, where Mumait Khan has given some tags to the housemates.

Aggressive, Caring, Lovable, Carefree – Natraj
Untrustworthy, Manipulative, Diplomatic – Mahesh
Aggressive, Peaceful, Envious, Self-centred – Bindu
Hypocrite, Untrustworthy, Caring, Zero – Mitra
Sravanthi – Envious
Untrustworthy – Anil
Lazy, Envious – Akhil
Peaceful, Lazy, Useless, Zero – Mumait

*Eviction Pressure*
The eviction pressure is evident on everyone’s face. However, we are expecting that Mitra will be evicted from the house this week.