BB Non-Stop: Ep 42: Akhil Makes Ashu Feel JealousBigg Boss Non-Stop is the OTT version of the Telugu TV show. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of the TV show. The show is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar 24*7. The house got a new captain in the house now.

*Mumait Khan’s verdict*
Mumait Khan has given her verdict in the court case related to the divorce of Akhil and Bindu. After listening to the closing remarks of Natraj and Siva, Mumait Khan passed the verdict in the favour of Akhil.

Akhil’s team won the task and Bigg Boss has given them a chance to become the captaincy contenders.

*Captaincy Contenders*
Akhil picked Sravanthi, Ashu, and Ajay from his team to fight for the captaincy. Bindu and Siva entered the captaincy race from the other team.

*Mumait’s Verdict – Fair or Unfair*
The majority of the house felt that Mumait Khan’s verdict is fair and she also got a chance to be a part of the captaincy task.

*Ethara Jenda*
Ethara Jenda is the captaincy task where the contenders will be standing in a ring. They will have to pull each other to catch the flags printed with their faces. They will have to hustle and fix their flags on poles. The last one remaining will be out of the task.

Bindu, Siva, Mumait, Sravanthi, and Ashu came out of the task first.

In the end, it was between Ajay and Akhil. Akhil won the captaincy task.

*Ashu feels jealous of Akhil*
The Tom and Jerry segment is happening between Ashu and Akhil. During their conversation, Ashu told Akhil that he is making her feel jealous but did not give clarity on why it is happening.