BB Non Stop: Ep 41: Wild Card, Divorce & CaptaincyBigg Boss Non-Stop organizers are trying to come up with creative tasks this season. The OTT version is getting more and more support with each passing day. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the show host and the show is currently in its fifth week. The captaincy task has begun with a sweet surprise to the housemates in the form of a wild-card entry.

In the 41st episode, Bigg Boss announced the captaincy contenders’ task ‘Order Order’.

According to the task, there will be a court set up in the house. Akhil and Bindu apply for divorce. Natraj will be Akhil’s advocate while Siva will be Bindu’s advocate. The advocates will have to make arguments in a way that by the end of it, the judge will pass the verdict, about who has more problems among the two and declare who is wrong.

Akhil Team: Ajay, Sravanthi, Tejaswi & Ashu are supporters.

Bindu Team: Mahesh, Anil, Ariyana, Mitra, and Hamida are supporters.

As the proceedings began, Siva alleged that Akhil tried to portray Bindu in a wrong manner. Siva and Bindu raised two issues to argue against Akhil.

1. Akhil tried to portray Bindu in a wrong manner during the last captaincy task where Bindu mentioned ‘Nenu Aada’ thinking it is slang but Akhil took it in a wrong manner.

2. Akhil portrayed Bindu again wrongly when she threw the food plate away.

*Wild Card Entry*
Mumait Khan entered the house as the wild-card contestant and she acted as the judge for this case. It is a sweet surprise for the housemates.

Both the teams argued in an intense manner and Mumait appeared to be partial towards Akhil.

*Bindu throws the mike*
At one point, Bindu lost her temper and she threw her mike away in anger. It shocked everyone. However, Siva consoled her and even Mumait consoled her after which the court proceedings began again.

*Judgement Pending*
By the end of the day, the judgment is still pending!