BB Non-Stop: Ep 40: Too many Twists!Bigg Boss Non-Stop is the OTT version of the popular reality show Bigg Boss. The TV show is creating a lot of interest among the audience currently. The show is in the fifth week and there is a twist in the nominations segment.

*Mitra On a Hunger Strike*
After the embarrassment in the nominations, Mitra went on a Hunger strike silently. However, it is Ariyana who tried to console Mitra and fed her food for two days.

*Second Level of Nominations*
All of a sudden, Bigg Boss announced that the second level of nominations is being introduced in the house for the fifth week. The nominated contestants are given a chance to be safe, while the saved contestants will have to pick one from their group to the group of nominated contestants.

*Burst the Balloon*
This is the first challenge where the nominated contestants are asked to burst the balloon filled with water. The contestant whose balloon stays longer will win the task. Ashu won the challenge. The saved contestants decided to send Sravanthi into the nominations.

*Paint the footwear*
This is the second challenge where the nominated contestants will have to immerse their footwear in the paint bucket. Bindu has 13 pairs of footwear and she has the highest. Ariyana has 11 pairs. However, she came to a deal with Ariyana and immersed 6 pairs of footwear. Bindu was saved but the saved contestants wanted to send Ashu back to the nominations. However, she resisted saying that it is not a fair game. In the end, Natraj had to take a decision as Sanchalak. He favored Ashu and sent Tejaswi to the nominations.

*Hold the Arrow*
This is the third challenge where the nominated contestants will have to hold an Arrow in the garden area without touching their bodies. The housemate who will stay longer will be saved. Mahesh held it for a long time and he was saved. The saved contestants wanted to send Bindu to nominations again but she stood for herself, picking up a fight with them. She said that she wanted to nominate Akhil. However, others wanted Bindu to be sent back to the nominations and Natraj made the same announcement.

*Natraj vs Bindu*
Bindu argued with Natraj for a long time that he took the wrong decision. Natraj said that Bindu is playing the game for Siva and the others are playing their own game. She was hurt by the comment and defended herself. However, Natraj went on to say that Bindu is not playing the game well and it has finally resulted in Bindu losing her safety shield. She entered the nominations again.

*Behind the Scenes of Mitra’s Tissue Paper*
During the nominations, Akhil nominated Mitra saying that she is playing safe by writing a lot of things on tissue paper and passing it to everyone. In fact, she actually wrote something on Tissue paper and had given it to Ajay. In the same, she wrote about Bindu. Ajay had to share it with Akhil but Akhil broke the trust and revealed it during the nominations. Mitra spoke about the same with Ajay, saying that he had broken her trust.

*Differences between Trimurthulu*
Sravanthi, Akhil, and Ajay are the Trimurthulu of the house. Akhil and Sravanthi are not on good terms. Akhil and Ajay are also not on good terms as Akhil broke his trust in Mitra’s case. Akhil is disliking Sravanthi’s behavior towards Natraj master. The equation between the three is now going upside down.

*Updated list of Nominations*
Tejaswi, Bindu, Siva, Ariyana, Anil, Mitra and Sravanthi