BB Non-stop: Ep 39: Eggsploding NominationsBigg Boss Non-Stop is the trending TV show in the Telugu OTT space right now. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of the show. The fifth week has begun in the TV show and the nominations episode has put the house on fire!

*All is well: Akhil & Bindu*
During the captaincy task last week, Akhil and Bindu had a serious argument. However, they sorted it out by talking in peace.

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*Ashu & Siva: A rift*
For some reason, Ashu Reddy and Siva are not on good terms. They are not talking to each other.

*Eggsploding Nominations*
During this nominations procedure, the housemates had to pick two inmates and break eggs on their heads.

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Siva – Mitra, Ajay
Ariyana – Mahesh, Anil
Ashu – Mahesh, Bindu
Sravanthi – Anil, Mahesh
Hamida – Ashu, Ariyana
Akhil – Mahesh, Mitra
Mitra – Mahesh, Siva
Mahesh – Mitra, Ashu
Anil – Mitra, Ariyana
Natraj – Tejaswi, Sravanthi
Tejaswi – Ariyana, Bindu
Ajay – Ariyana, Ajay
Bindu – Ariyana, Ashu

Siva vs Mitra – Mitra nominated Siva but she did not give any reason. Instead, she just yelled at him constantly saying that he is fake. Siva argued that how can he take her criticism and still be nice to her.

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Natraj vs Tejaswi – Natraj, and Tejaswi are having a fight already. Tejaswi was hurt by some comments made by Natraj. However, instead of sorting it out, Natraj added fuel to Tejaswi’s anger with this nomination. Tejaswi was deeply hurt and both argued.

Natraj vs Sravanthi – Natraj told Sravanthi that he does not like those who pull others down. Sravanthi could not take it and made it clear to Natraj that she had not done it so far but will start pulling him from that day.

*Badly Affected*
Ariyana was badly affected in the nominations because of being Sanchalak in the game. Anil, Ajay, Tejaswi, Bindu, and others found her game to be a failure.

*Mitra Exposed*
Akhil had revealed an unseen side of Mitra to the viewers that she would write a few things on tissue paper and pass them on to other people. Most of the things she writes will be bad and negative things. Even, Mahesh also shared some of those incidents. What’s shocking is Mitra’s silence who did not expect this to happen.

*Final Nominations*
Bindu, Siva, Ariyana, Ashu, Anil, Mitra, and Mahesh