BB Non-stop: Ep 36: New Captain Arises Amidst ChaosBigg Boss TV show is one of the interesting reality shows being aired on the OTT right now. Hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni, the OTT version, BB Non-Stop is currently premiering on Disney+ Hotstar. Interestingly, the fourth week generated good fun in the house, leaving ample entertainment to the viewers.

*Natraj’s promise to Ariyana*
Ariyana asked Natraj that she does not want to do anything in the house during his captaincy and she just wants to be his assistant and do nothing. Natraj agreed to the same.

*Toofan Vastundi*
The housemates were informed that there is an exciting surprise for them. All of a sudden, the Bheemla Nayak trailer was aired on TV, which is a part of the promotions of Bheemla Nayak being aired on the streaming service.

*Captaincy Arguments*
Natraj, Ajay, and Siva were in the captaincy race, by the end of yesterday.

*Akhil vs Bindu Madhavi*
Ashu Reddy argued that Siva is self-centered and is not fit to take up the responsibility of the house. Bindu came as a support to Siva and took a stand for him. In between, Akhil also came up to make his point that Siva can’t handle the house as he is not everywhere and knows less about the kitchen. During this, Akhil and Bindu argued to an extent where Akhil had become emotional by the words uttered by Bindu. During one of the arguments, Akhil alleged that Bindu does not play the game to which she replied, “avunu nuvvu aada, nuvvu aada, nuvvu aada”. Bindu meant that Akhil also does not play the game properly but it was conveyed wrongly to Akhil and he felt bad. Bindu also passed a statement that Akhil is surviving in the house only because of his friends. Akhil did not like that too.

However, Ariyana disqualified Ajay from the game saying that there is still time for him to become the captain of the house.

*Ajay vs Bindu Madhavi*
In between Siva and Natraj, Bindu again took a stand for Siva. Ajay who is Akhil’s friend made it clear to Bindu that he is not surviving in the house because of friends. During the argument, both sides exchanged heated arguments.

Ariyana disqualified Siva from the game after taking voting from the house. The majority opted for Natraj and wanted him to become the captain of the house.

*Lady hatred towards Natraj*
Mitra, Bindu Madhavi, Sravanthi, and Tejaswi do not want Natraj to become the captain. Even when Anil was transferring the captaincy badge to Natraj, they did not come to the garden area to cheer him up. However, Natraj apologized to Bindu and Ashu suggested to him that Bindu should be made ration manager.

*DJ Tillu & Radhika in the house*
Every Saturday, Bigg Boss will send celebrity guests to the house. This time, DJ Tillu pair SIddhu Jonnalagadda and Neha Shetty entered the house to interact with the housemates and entertain them. The duo played some songs and asked the inmates to guess them. They also discussed the performance of the inmates in the fourth week.

*Nomination Info*
As per our sources, Sarayu is evicted from the house.