BB Non-Stop: Ep 35: Natraj is Cruel & CunningBigg Boss Non-Stop is the OTT version of the reality show, Bigg Boss. The show is nearing the end of the fourth week. The house is yet to get a new captain. Multiple interesting incidents took place in the house.

*Ajay fumes on Akhil*
There seems to be a miscommunication between Ajay, Akhil, and Sravanthi. Ajay was upset with Akhil and expressed his anger. Later, Ajay sorted out the issue again. This is the first time that the trio faced a serious discussion.

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*Keelu Gurram*
Keelu Gurram is the captaincy task in the house. The captaincy contenders will have to sit on a horse toy. From time to time, there will be a sound of a horse running and the housemates will have to pick one captaincy contender and make him/her drink a special drink sent by Bigg Boss. Later, for another sound, there should be a debate on why the particular contender is unfit for the house. Ariyana who is the Sanchalak should get convinced with the same and will have to eliminate one from the game.

– Anil was first eliminated as the house felt that Anil failed to perform his duties well and the house deserves a new captain.

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-Next, it was Mahesh. Mitra argued that Mahesh does not deserve to contend for the captaincy as it did not come to him directly but rather it is his second chance. Mahesh defended that he played safe. But, Ariyana was convinced with some points and removed him from the game.

– Next, it was Ashu Reddy. The house felt that Ashu hurt Ariyana the previous day and the captain should not be doing the same. Ashua was out of the game.

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– During Mahesh’s discussion, Sarayu tried to intervene and give a couple of points. The other housemates mentioned that Sarayu is supporting a friend and she does not need captaincy. Ariyana too felt that Sarayu is unfit to handle the house.

*Natraj is cruel and cunning*
Bindu argued that Natraj does not deserve to be the captain of the house as he is cunning. Natraj defended and counter-attacked saying that Bindu is intentionally targeting him. Later, Sravanthi too said that Natraj played the game in a cruel manner. Natraj could not take it and has argued with her. After heated arguments, Ariyana believed that Natraj should be in the captaincy race.

*Tejaswi upset with Ariyana*
Tejaswi wants to step down for a long time but Ariyana spent time convincing others. Ariyana wants Tejaswi to be in the race. Despite being in pain, she tried her best. However, the house felt that they need a new captain and thus, Tejaswi got down. She asked Ariyana why she did not take the decision earlier to save time.

*Who is the captain*
The task is still in progress and will continue in the next episode. Shiva, Natraj, and Ajay are in the race.