BB Non-Stop: Ep 25: Fake HousematesBigg Boss Non-Stop is the OTT version of the popular reality show Bigg Boss. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the TV host. The show is currently getting a lot of popularity and it has entered the third week. This time, the captaincy task is going on an interesting note. The show is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

*Siva’s Secret Task continues*
Siva continues to take part in the secret task. As he got the most irritating person tag, he has been taking the punishment.

*Secret Task to Ariyana*
Bigg Boss called Ariyana to the confession room to assign a secret task to her. According to the task, she will have to protect Siva from his secret task not getting exposed and at the same time, she will have to make everyone believe that Siva is not doing any secret task.

*Housemates’ doubts on Ariyana*
With Ariyana spending a maximum time in the confession room, the housemates had doubts about Ariyana that she might be on a secret task.

*Bigg Boss cancels Anil’s captaincy*
Bigg Boss showcased the video of a few people sleeping and not wearing their mikes properly during Anil’s captaincy. Bigg Boss asked the inmates about the performance of Anil. If Anil’s performance as a captain is good, he will get a chance to be the captaincy contender twice in the next two weeks and if it is bad, he won’t get the chance. The majority of the house said Anil’s captaincy is good. Bigg Boss granted him the chance to be the contender twice. However, showing the reasons that he failed to implement the rules, Bigg Boss canceled his captaincy.

*Girl with Oily hair and braids*
Bigg Boss asked the inmates to decide if the boys have to go topless or the girls put oil on their hair with 2 braids. As usual, Siva selected that the girls should put oil to their hair as part of the secret task and Bigg Boss asked the girls to put oil and have 2 braids until he announces again.

*Fake People in The House*
When Bigg Boss asked the inmates to pick two fake people in the house, many gave their opinion via voting. Since Siva picked Natraj and Akhil, it came as a shock to everyone. Most of them thought that the entire house feels the same. Bigg Boss sent ‘I am fake’ medals to the house and asked them to wear them.