BB Non-stop: Ep 24 - Secret Task Hikes Interest of the GameBigg Boss TV Show has entered the third week. The OTT version, hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni is called Bigg Boss Non-Stop. Interestingly, there are 15 members in the house now and the captaincy task for the third week kick-started officially.

*Expectations & Emotions*
Ashu Reddy is getting emotionally involved with Akhil Sarthak and her expectations are going up. Akhil, on the other side, does not want to be involved emotionally with anyone in the house. So, he tried to communicate with Ashu already. However, she was hurt by the way Akhil has put it. But, both sat together to sort out the same. Still, Akhil is a little unhappy that emotional bonds are growing in the house.

*First Secret Task of the Season*
Bigg Boss has given a secret task to Siva. Bigg Boss will be giving some tasks from time to time and the decision of Siva will be final during the same. Siva has to keep it a secret.

*Antha Mee Ishtam*
Antha Mee Ishtam is the captaincy task of the third week. Bigg Boss will ask two questions and the house will have to give their decision. The majority’s decision will be finalized. However, this is a public announcement, but, in general, it is Siva’s decision that will be finalized and he will have to keep it a secret.

1. Quit Sugar or Quit Smoking – The housemates gave different opinions and the majority opined that the house will have to quit smoking but Siva opted for Quit Sugar and the same decision has been finalized which left everyone in a huge shock.

2. Most Irritating Person of the House – The majority of the house opted for RJ Chaitu in the voting system but Siva voted for himself and he has become the most irritating person in the house.

3. Give up Bland Boiling food or Give up Spicy Food – Most of the housemates opted to give up spicy food but Bigg Boss announced that the inmates will have to eat bland boiled food based on Siva’s decision.

*Siva gets a Punishment*
Since Siva has become the most irritating person in the house, Bigg Boss asked him to sleep on a special bed and take permission from all the housemates to eat, drink or use the washroom. Siva made use of the same to irritate everyone, by asking them for permission, even at the midnight.

*Siva makes a smart move*
Many doubted that Siva was on a secret task in the beginning but Siva made a smart move by choosing himself as the most irritating person in the house, so that, no one gets doubt on him!