Bigg Boss Non-Stop Episode 53 NagarjunaKing Nagarjuna Hosting The Show, Big Boss Non-Stop started on a decent note but is creating a lot of buzzes as days are passing on. Disney + Hotstar exclusively streams this first-ever Telugu OTT version of “Bigg Boss”.

With interesting tasks being assigned over the past few weeks, it is managing to keep the audience under its grip and get good viewership. But it’s the weekend that captures more attention from the audience. As said earlier by us, this week stood for double eviction, eliminating Mumaith and Sravanthi.

*Express your Backstabbing Contestants*
Starting the episode by congratulating Ashu, Nagarjuna called each participant into the confession room and rolled a question of who they felt was the one cheating or backstabbing them.

As an answer to this question, While Mahesh said he hasn’t yet given such a chance to housemates, Hamida said she does not believe anyone in the house. However, the contestants opening up about their backstabbing persons in confession went as follows:

Bindu, Mahesh, Shiva and Ariyana said Nataraj’s name
Sravanthi said Hamida’s name
Mahesh and Mumaith said Mithra’s name
Hamida said Akhil, Ashu and Ajay names
Nataraj said Shiva’s name
Ajay said Mahesh’s name, and also added Sravanthi’s name
Anil Said Ariyana and Ashu name

*Nataraj Vs Shiva War Went On*
Reacting to the weird fight that happened between Shiva and Nataraj in the last episode, Nagarjuna showed the video and asked Nataraj why he used profane language in the house despite being experienced in the industry. He also said Nataraj it’s very bad to use words like ‘B***dk’ and Hawla. He added instead of an offensive gesture, he would have shared his emotion with the big boss in front of the camera.

As Nagarjuna asks Shiva about the same, Nataraj hasn’t stopped presenting his version. So, Nagarjuna eventually lost his temper and shouted at Nataraj asking him to stay silent as he was talking with Shiva.

*Hashtags Antonyms*

As a Sunday task, Nagarjuna asked housemates to bring a board from confession home, that consists of hashtags, which participants have kept next to their names before coming to the big boss’s house. Later, he asked each contestant to come and pick one person, who they feel as if they kept the antonym word instead of the actual one.

While Nataraj had “Roaring” as his hashtag, Shiva, Mithra, Sravanthi and Hamida changed it to “Barking”.

While Bindu had “Masthi” as her hashtag, Akhil and Ashu changed it to “Virakthi”.

While Sravanthi had “Navarasa” as her hashtag, Ariyana and Anil changed it to “No Rasa”

While Shiva had Masala as his hashtag, Nataraj changed it to “Sappa”.

While Ashu had “Pichekkistha” as her hashtag, Mahesh and Bindu changed it to “Pichekkindi”

In Between this game, Akhil and Ashu as usual blamed Bindu for blaming them as a Group game. However, Bindu defended herself saying she plays for herself and she has her own logic. Contradicting it, Ashu bought the Mic incident that happened between Akhil and Bindu and said she uses silly logic.

*Task Of Telugu Songs In English*
Nagarjuna made contestants play a song game in which each contestant had to sing a song given to them in English without any music. The remaining participants have to guess that Telugu song and should sing it. With Anil as sanchalak, the division of groups was as follows.

Team A: Akhil as Captain, participants were Mumaith, Bindu, Nataraj, Mahesh and Hamida.

Team B: With Ashu as Captain, participants were Mithra, Sravanthi, Shiva, Ajay and Ariyana.

The game went into a very funny mode with Anil dedicating the “Devude Digi Vachina” song to Hamida.

*Limelight Questions*
Nagarjuna asked questions to contestants and asked them to answer those questions by bringing the relevant person into the limelight. The question and answers went as follows:

No Shower – herself
Bad words – Nataraj

Attention Seeker – Ashu
Lazy – Shiva

Who feels always they are right – Bindu
Should Calm Down – Nataraj

Most boring person – Anil
Worst Dancer – Shiva

Chamcha – Mithra
Selfish- Shiva

Worst company – Natara

Egoistic – Nataraj
Excited about gossip – Shiva

Worst voice – Aashu
Needs to tight screw- Shiva

Least favourite-Nataraj

Negative Vibe- Nataraj

Joker – Shiva
Worst Cook- Bindu

Presence unfelt – Mithra
Good influence- Ajay

Worst fashions sense-Shiva
Haven’t expected will be in the house for 6 weeks- Mithra

*Punishment to Shiva*

Amidst the game, Nagarjuna played the video of Shiva in which he washed contestants’ clothes with his legs in a weird way. So he scolded him to take things seriously and gave punishment to wash everyone’s clothes for the whole next week.

*Most Hated and Most Loved*
While no one got a Loved badge this time, it’s Nataraj master who got a Hated badge this week with a lot of contestants complaining about him.

*Final Elimination Round*
It was between Mumaith, Mithra and Sravanthi. As said earlier, it’s double elimination today and both Mumaith and Sravanthi got evicted.

Punch And Hug

While leaving the house, Mumaith was not asked any questions as it was her second-time elimination. On the other hand, Sravanthi, before leaving, was asked to punch five faces and to give hugs to five contestants. She said she had no one to punch except Nataraj’s master as he commented on her personality. Coming to hugs she has chosen the following five:


During the hug scenario, Nagarjuna said for the first time he is seeing emotions and tears in Bindu’s eyes for the first time.

With a lot of games and double elimination, this Sunday episode is wrapped in a soft note.