Bigg Boss Non-Stop: Ashu Reddy to Be EvictedBB Non-Stop is going to come to an end in the next two weeks. Many expected that there will be a double eviction this weekend but surprising everyone, the organizers changed the strategy and Ashu Reddy alone will be eliminated from the house this weekend.

There are currently 8 members in the Bigg Boss house currently. Baba Bhaskar bagged the Eviction Free Pass and he is in the safe zone.

Bindu, Ariyana, Anil, Akhil, Natraj, and Siva are the other housemates who entered the safe zone this weekend.

Despite giving her best, Ashu had to take the exit door. Her equation that went wrong with Akhil in the recent past could have been the reason behind her eviction.

On the other side, Hamida came out of the house last week. After coming out of the house, Hamida gave clarity regarding many issues that took place in the house. Hamida said that she doesn’t like how Nataraj always takes out personal things. Hamida said that Ashu and Ariyana are not more deserving than her. As expected, Ashu is out of the house now.

Hamida said that she wanted to nominate Nataraj, Akhil, and Ariyana and kept the picture of Ashu aside. She took pictures of Bindu, Mithra, Shiva, and Anil.

Mumaith Khan, Shree Rapaka, Chaitu, Sarayu, Tejaswi Madivada, Sravanthi, Mahesh, Ajay, and Hamida were eliminated so far.