Bigg-Boss-2-Telugu-Winner---KaushalThe ‘Bigg Boss Telugu‘ season has come to an end with unexciting finale with the winner of the season already on the expected lines. The finale episode was like the weekend episodes but the only difference was that this final episode was extended a couple of hours more than the weekend episodes.

Do you think there is a surprise winner other than the expected hero, Kaushal Manda? Nay. Did you expect any special performances or a surprise show put up on the finale’s stage? If that is the case, one will be disappointed as there were only recording dances like those we get to see during the audio launch events. The stage looked really small and somehow, the season one finale will come back to our minds as a spine-thrilling moment when the final announcement of the winner came.

Nani tried hard to show his excitement but this time the natural star failed to portray his fake excitement look natural. Do you have any doubts that the ‘Bigg Boss 2’ winner is none other than Kaushal Manda who had amassed an unbelievable craze on the social media platforms? Of-course the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 2’ is Kaushal is Kaushal Manda…Congratulations.