Bigg-Boss-Controversial-Girl-Shut-His-Mouth-Like-a-BossOviya is one of those Bigg Boss (Tamil) contestants who rose to limelight with her active part in the reality show and of course, there followed some controversies.

One must appreciate her guts when she shut up a filthy mouse who told her that he just finished masturbation. She said, “Good for you. ” This happened in a chat session she had with her fans on social media.

This kind of attitude is needed otherwise, it is very easy to get disturbed and hurt. People on social media can be mean and try to rob away our integrity. But, Oviya didn’t give that chance, anyway.

One must also appreciate her self-centredness when she said that she happens to be her favourite contestant on the Bigg Boss Show. Others would think that it was humility to take someone else’s name. Right?