Bigg Boss -5 TeluguStar Maa has announced the starting date of their prestigious Bigg Boss Season 5 start date. The show will have the curtain raiser event on September 5th at 6 PM. The channel also announced the timings of the regular episodes of the show.

The show will be aired from 10 PM from Monday to Friday. The weekend episodes which will have Nagarjuna coming to take care of the eliminations will start from 9 PM. Bigg Boss are very much worried about the timings on the regular days.

They feel 10 PM time slot may be too late and will impact the TVR Ratings. 9 PM slot on weekends is okay because of the Star pull of Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna fans are worried because NTR is hosting Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu on Gemini TV and Ratings comparison will be inevitable.

We will see if Star MAA will look into this concern of the fans. Meanwhile, the contestants were already quarantined in a star hotel in Hyderabad.