The Malaysian Plane issue is driving lots of people up the wall. But for 71 year old superstar Amitabh Bachchan, it was just an opportunity to come up with a teasing joke for Rajinikanth. The Big B took to twitter to post “Rajnikanth … enough is enough !! You win OK !! Now tell us where that plane is.” The joke although worth a quick laugh, however maybe taken in wrong spirits by Rajini’s fans. Although, Mr. Bachchan and Superstar Rajinkanth share a good rapport, the actor’s fans do not take these jokes lightly.

Not a long time ago when amitabh had tweeted a Rajinikanth joke, it had failed to go down well with the actor’s very loyal fans. Amitabh had to even clarify via twitter that he wasn’t criticising Rajini, instead, he was praising his greatness and power.