Regal CinemasGuess what! Exactly, that is what the Regal Cinemas is tempting the movie-lovers with literally. If you are the type that enjoys some surprises and some suspense, then the offer is just for ‘you.’ Regal Cinemas has planned the perfect fun night for you at the movies.

Usually, suspense lovers enjoy the thrill of knowing it all at the end with a few guesses put in. But Regal is giving their audiences a real plot twist, and that too before the movie begins. They have what’s called the ‘Mystery Movie Monday.’

And to top the excitement, the movie will cost you just $5, and you get to watch a film even before it opens to the public. However, the catch is that they will not tell you the movie that will play on the big screen beforehand due to a contractual agreement. So the big surprise is that you will have to go and watch.

Added to this, the Regal Cinema Club members get to enjoy a small popcorn and soda combo for just $7. Goes without saying the special screenings take place at select theatres. Monday Mystery Movie is on at 7 pm this May 1, and the only information given out is that it is ‘R’ rated. Similarly, the rating of the films will be given out as you book your tickets to ensure the right kind of audience gets to watch the film.

Audiences can also see the Monday Movie Mystery Movie for free with Regal Unlimited. The plan allows you to opt for one of the three deals on offer.