Big Surprise from Ravi Teja! Mahadhan Bhupatiraju Debut FilmFrom what we are hearing from various sources, we are left surprised that Ravi Teja’s son Mahadhan is going to make his acting debut with his father’s upcoming movie ‘Raja The Great‘. The boy will be playing the younger version of Ravi Teja in the movie.

So, Tollywood is getting ready for another future hero. This is how the star heroes prepare audiences and fans get used to the star kids by launching those kids as either child artists or occasionally releasing their photos. Sometimes, these star kids become the centre of attraction when they attend the events of their star fathers’ events.

Few of the celebrities even make their kids act in a low profile movie when the kids are in teenage and wait for them to grow up (Srikanth’s son and Puri’s son). This is how the familiarity develops and eventually when the star kid grows up, he will be launched as a future hero. Ravi Teja too joined the list of those star heroes.

It has been happening since legendary NTR and ANR times. Nagarjuna and Balakrishna were introduced as child artists when they were still kids and gradually we got familiar with their faces as future heroes. Ravi Teja’s son Mahadhan has joined the bandwagon.