Kona venkat sad faceKona Venkat has been the synonym for the successful stories in the Industry but lately his films started bombing at Box office. Joining the likes of Bruce Lee and Akhil, his latest release Shankarabharanam also been credited with mixed talk.

Since Dhee, Kona has been writing mostly routine kind of stuff with a specific template of the film. With his recent film Shankarabharanam, he tried to come out of the box but the result of this film came as big shock to him. Since, the director of the film is a debutant, Kona himself involved in most of the film got shoot under his supervision.

In recent interviews also, he was publicized himself as filmmaker and made allegations on Srinu Vaitla for not screening his original script written for Bruce Lee. After this film Shankarabharanam, Kona can’t put blame on any one as the success or failure solely goes to him.