Big shock to Pawanism followers!If the latest news doing the rounds in the media outlets is to be believed actor Pawan Kalyan seems to have secretly done a third marriage. While there has been news about a secret affair and a relationship with a foreign national for a long time, it seems that the actor has turned the live-in relationship into a marriage in September early in the year by having a register marriage.

Proofs about the alleged marriage, like the registration copy, name of the women (Anna Lezhneva), have been procured by certain media outlets and it’s in full display to everyone. However no one seems to have an actual pictographic evidence of the marriage so far and this is keeping the fans of the star still in apprehension about what seems to be a legally and mutually accepted marriage. Pawan Kalyan had previously married Nandini and Renu Desai (after more than half a decade live-in relationship).

This news came in as a big shock to proud fans of Pawan who sincerely follow and spread ‘Pawanism’ ethics. Do you guys think this will impact his growing craze especially this man has been in news for talking about social values? Post your comment and let us know.