Jr NTR - Ram charan- RRRIn what can be called another major setback for RRR, the Tamil Nadu government has ordered for 50% occupancy of theatres keeping in view the increasing Covid-19 cases in the state. It will come into effect from January 1st and will continue till January 10th. What it means is that the entire weekend will be lost.

Baahubali 2 in its opening weekend collected 33 Cr Gross. And this was after a truncated opening day due to issues between the distributors and producers. RRR doesn’t have such problems and already shows are getting scheduled from as early as 4 AM with high ticket prices. Basically, the potential is much higher here and it wouldn’t be a surprise if RRR delivered record numbers.

After Delhi, the fifty percent occupancy restriction for the weekend from Tamil Nadu is a big blow for RRR. That it is coming at the last moment after all the promotions are underway is the biggest issue for the movie.

Baahubali 2 is currently the highest-grossing movie in Tamil Nadu. RRR, going by the buzz is looking set to topple it, but the way the restrictions are coming place is becoming a hindrance to it.

Delhi and Maharashtra are already leading to nearly 100 Cr loss. With Tamil Nadu following suit, it would be a further dent in its collections.

Let’s hope that the restrictions are limited to these territories and other one’s don’t follow the suit. It would be imperative for a gigantic opening of RRR on January 7th. Watch this space for more updates.