Bellamkonda Srinivas said he planned a mega launch for his son as like every father, his earnings are for the growth of his children’s career. It is only a father speaking not a producer when Bellamkonda said these words, ”As a father, I just wanted to give my son the best I could afford. I wanted to give him the perfect break in the industry, and therefore roped in one of the best directors to helm the project. I never expected the film to do so well. I’m very happy and relieved now.”

That is perfectly fine. But if that is costing some other’s film and leaving them anxious, then is it really fine and to what extent? Though the producer didn’t reveal the exact figures of the collections of Alludu Sreenu, insiders say that he is left with deficit and moreover he is already planning for his son’s next film and paid the advance for director Boyapati Srinu. According to the rumours making rounds cine folks are talking that NTR’s remuneration for ‘Rabhasa’ isn’t cleared yet. Parental love is fine. But what if it is costing the producer’s professionalism? Will any other hero will come forward to do a Bellamkonda movie if this kind of treatment continues?