Big Movie, Mini Role Rajamouli Daughter's Screen Debut in Baahubali 2By now, every Telugu cine lover knows that the entire extended family of Rajamouli is connected to the magnum opus. With the release of ‘Sahore’ song teaser, we came to know that Rajamouli’s daughter Mayookha also is a part of Baahubali world.

However, there is a difference. Rajamouli and his wife Rama Rajamouli, Karthikeya, Keeravani and his wife Srivalli, Kalyana Venkata Ramana and Keeravani’s sons worked behind the camera. So, no one would appear on the screen. Mayookha appeared on the screen in ‘Sahore’ song for a few moments.

Alongside Mayookha, designer Prashanthi’s daughter Ananya and Keeravani’s daughter Kumudhwathi are also seen hailing Baahubali in the song teaser. It’s just a glimpse of these cute kids in the song and let’s hope to see them more when the full movie is available on the screen.