Big Hint On KGF Salaar collabNot so long ago, there have been reports that there will be a crossover between KGF franchise and Salaar. But there was no reliable update in this regard till now.

But now, the producer of KGF, Vijay Kirangadur has revealed that they will start working on KGF 3 once they are done with Salaar.

What caught the attention in the producer’s speech is that he said they are conceiving a Marvel-esque film franchise with KGF. Now, this has led to varied speculations on social media.

“The fact that the producer said they are planning a Marvel-like franchise confirms that there will be a crossover between Salaar and KGF. There is also a speculative lead for this in KGF 2” A netizen commented.

Netizens are now busy speculating that KGF and Salaar crossover is next in line for Prashanth Neel. The makers are yet to confirm this though.