Big heroes favouring only that producer?

Ram Charan Tej made a good example in the industry when he decided to cut down on his remuneration when the producer had to replace Tamil actor Raj Kiran with Prakash Raj. That means all the scenes picturised on him and the money invested on shooting those scenes would be a big loss to the producer. Hence to see that the producer doesn’t need to undergo financial losses due to his decisions, appreciably Cherry came forward to cut down on his remuneration.

The latest hero who joined this league who think about the well being of the producer is Jr.NTR. NTR’s previous two releases incurred only losses to the producer and hence NTR is not charging any remuneration for his next project with Puri Jagannath. Instead, he is asking one area wise rights. If the film becomes a hit, well and good. If not, NTR will lose his remuneration totally. This can be seen as a good move. However it is surprising that in both the cases, it is producer Bandla Ganesh on whom such favour is bestowed upon. Why only him? No one knows.