Kamal Haasan Giving 30 Cr Back to FansKamal Haasan’s recent approaches, speeches and various interactions only revealed one point that he is interested in floating a new political party to bring upon mammoth changes in the political scenario in Tamil Nadu.

His fans have collected Rs. 30 crores as funds for floating the political party. But, the Universal Star had decided to return the money to those fans who had donated to help people in need. Kamal Haasan rightly feels that it is illegal to raise funds for his party when it wasn’t launched yet.

Besides this initiative to return funds, Kamal Haasan has an appeal to make to the Hindus of the country who are the majority of the population. He urged Hindus to act like elder brothers and correct those minorities if anything is wrong. He seems to be talking about the extremists among Hindus. Kamal’s political statements have become quite common, nowadays, haven’t they?