producer is Chinna BabuOne doesn’t know where the journey called life takes us to. Today a guy who had been a hotel boy is jnto the business of cinema and is producing films. Who is that guy? Who is behind his success story? The hotel boy turned producer is Chinna Babu, the producer of the forthcoming horror comedy ‘Tripura’.

Who are behind his success, who helped at every stage to reach here? Chinna Babu attributes his success to the good words and help a real estate Baron Srimitra Chowdary and mega brother Naga Babu. Chowdary took the hotel boy as his personal driver. And it’s Naga Babu who introduced Chinna Babu to the CEO of ZEE Telugu channel.

From there he got opportunities to climb up the ladder of success and now he got promoted from producing dubbing films to straight Telugu films like upcoming ‘Tripura’. The producer says he wants to do good movies and never forget the people who are behind his success.