Big Fear for Nartanasala - Naga Shaurya-‘@Nartanasala’, the title is enough to start comparisons with the old classic movie starring the legend, NTR. Naga Shourya revealed that the title has been their biggest fear as there would be comparisons and also a couple of projects were earlier started with the title ‘Nartanasala’ but were left midway.

So, as a sentiment, they wanted to add something to come out of that fear. Hence, ‘@Nartanasala‘ after adding ‘@’. Before he took up the movie, he watched the old ‘Nartanasala four times though the characterisations will not be similar. He watched just for observation and absolutely no relation with his movie.

The movie’s premieres are scheduled for today’s night and let’s see how Naga Shourya’s gay role will be received and also to find out if he is really a gay in this film or else acting a gay in some circumstances like it happen in classic ‘Nartanasala’ where NTR is not a gay but hides his identity behind the gay tag.