Fake ReviewsPeople who are active on Twitter know the name, Umair Sandhu. He claims to be part of the Dubai film censor board and posts ‘exclusive’ reviews about upcoming films much before their release. Though most netizens know that he is fake, some new users still fall prey to his tweets.

Now Umair Sandhu posted his ‘exclusive’ review of the most-awaited Pathaan. He wrote, “Pathaan is a high-octane Action thriller that works big time. This one has style and substance, both, besides dazzling action, stunning international locales, and stylish execution. Most importantly, it has #ShahRukhKhan, the trump card of his enterprise.” Umair also gave a 5-star rating to the film.

Immediately popular trade analyst and movie critic Taran Adarsh ripped Umair Sandhu apart for posting a fake review. He also smacked him for copy-pasting his Ek Tha Tiger review and posting it as the Pathaan review.

Taran tweeted, “STOP THIS NONSENSE… You have copy pasted my review of #EkThaTiger [2012] as it is and used it for your ‘review’ of #Pathaan.” An embarrassed Umair Sandhu promptly deleted his Pathaan tweet review.

It should be noted that this fake reviewer wouldn’t have got such attention if some reputed publications didn’t pick up his tweets and posted articles about them.

Many famous tabloids write articles with headlines, ‘First Review On The Net,’ and quote his tweet review in their articles. They should be ashamed of themselves that despite knowing he is fake, they publish articles from his tweets just to get some traffic on their website.