Big Break, Will He Utilize It?Siddhu Jonnalagadda has become the talk of the town as his performance in DJ Tillu is being appreciated. He is the sole attraction of the film and has managed to impress with his comedy and dialogue delivery.

DJ Tillu is the first big release for Siddhu as his previous two films, Krishna and his Leela and Ma Vinta Gadha Vinuma were both released on OTT. Siddhu won decent praise for those films.

Now with DJ Tillu, Siddhu has surely grabbed the headlines. For an actor whose last two releases were on OTT, grabbing such a craze with his major theatrical release shows that he surely has got a big break with this film.

As he also has good writing skills, one can say that he is multi-talented and can be a good asset for any film. But how will handle his career from here on is the big question?

In the past, there are many young heroes who received a good craze but did not capitalize on it and are nowhere to be seen now. How will Siddhu plan his career? Will he sign films in a rush? or play as per his strengths, only time will tell?.