Big-Boss-Telugu-2“Anything may happen”, says Nani announcing the show launch date on social media. Big Boss 1 did a decent job and NTR got great applause for his hosting skills. Well, now Nani is in the spotlight to see how will he carry the hosting.

As the natural star announced, the show will be launched on June 10th. There is going to be 16 contestants to be locked up in the house for a 100 days with eliminations. The contestant list isn’t out yet and the same will be revealed on 10th. Last time there was a speculated list, but this time there is no clue on who will warm the Big Boss house.

Well, before there is any confirmation from the Big Boss house, people are pleading not to take Sri Reddy in the show. Sri Reddy made some outrageous comments on Nani as part of her leaks and there is very minute chance of the show hosted by the hero, to loop Sri Reddy. Let us see.