Big Boss Non Stop Telugu Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu has been interesting this year with the new as well as previous season celebrities competing with each other. Apart from nominations and enjoyment in the house, the tasks have also managed to grab eyeballs because of interesting things going on between contestants while performing tasks.

In Today’s Episode, after non-stop arguments, the Captaincy Contender task got wrapped Up

Grab The Flag

The last challenge in the captaincy contender task is “Grab the Flag”.

Winners – Shiva and Nataraj – Occupied Peach room of Bindu and Akhil

Hamida Vs Ashu

Ashu disqualified Anil from the Grab the Flag task and it lead to a heated argument between Hamida and Ashu. Hamida pointed out to Ashu that she is setting her new rules as Sanchalak. Ashu felt very bad with Hamida saying “mind your words”. Later both got into a small fight.

Ajay Vs Anil

Hamida Vs Ashu’s fight lead to another fight between Anil And Ajay, with Anil saying, few people sent girls without any guts. Triggered by this word, Ajay argued with Anil that how could he say they sent girls for competition.

Captaincy Contenders

With the end of the challenges, the captaincy contender task got wrapped up and the following pairs are left with the following areas

Bed Room and Peach Room – Shiva and Nataraj
Bathroom – Hamida and Anil
Kitchen and Luggage Room – Mithra and Mahesh

However, Bindu and Akhil, Ajay and Ariyana were left with zero areas and are disqualified from the captaincy competition.

Shiva, Nataraj, Mithra, and Mahesh are selected directly by Bigboss as captaincy contenders. On the other hand, as Hamida and Anil have only one room, Bigg Boss asked them both to decide on anyone as the Bigboss contender.

With a very short discussion, Hamida gave Anil the chance to become a captaincy contender as he sacrificed nomination this week for sake of her.

Captaincy Task – Wrap And Roll

With Bindu as Sanchalak, all the five contestants who won the captaincy contender task participated in a Wrap and Roll game, but it was Shiva who won the game. Shiva felt very happy about the captaincy, as, after six nominations and six captaincy contender chances, he finally won the captaincy badge.

Captain of the Week: Shiva

Finally, the show wrapped up with Ashu saying about Ariyana to Akhil and Ajay that she was surprised with the Ariyana game this season and she is in doubt whether Ariyana took this season lightly or else she took it as granted.