Big Boss Non-Stop: Ep 92: NTR In Big Boss HouseBigg Boss OTT season streaming officially in Disney+ Hotstar has started with lots of fun and like always, the twists and turns along with a lot of fights in each episode have impressed its audience. With the show coming to the finals just within a week, intense and entertaining elements are taking place daily in the Bigg Boss house.

Vote Appeal Task
With Ariyana as Sanchalak, Biggboss assigns a milking task for the contestants to get the chance for a vote appeal.

Akhil Vs Natraj
A very heated argument went on between Akhil and Natraj during the milking task. Natraj pointed out to Akhil that Akhil always gets satisfaction when he makes others fail. He also added that Ashu already gave him a hint about Akhil’s anti behaviour towards him.

While Natraj repeatedly said that he was struggling a lot, Akhil became aggressive and shouted at Natraj that whether they aren’t struggling for the game and why he is framing as only he is struggling all the time.

Ninth Hour treasure hunt
NTR (Nandamuri Taraka Ratna), Ravi Varma and Madhu Shalini came to the Bigg Boss house to promote their upcoming 9 Hours series that is all set for premieres on Disney+ Hotstar OTT on June 2.

To unveil the 9 Hours series logo, Bigg Boss assigned a task to Contestants in which inmates had to solve the clue given by Tarak Ratna, Ravi and Madhu Shalini to find the hidden words placed in the Bigg Boss house and have to fill the board placed in the garden area.

Interestingly, the 9 hours team gave suggestions to the BiggBoss Contestants and told them to play well and good as there are only 9 days left for finals.

Vote Appeal
As Shiva won the milking task, he got a chance to vote appeal. Finally, today’s episode got wrapped with Shiva requesting audiences to vote for him.