Big Boss: Ep 71: Mithra Becomes Mouth-Piece of AkhilThe race for the ultimate trophy in Telugu BigBoss Non-stop has come down to nine contestants as Ajay got eliminated. On the other hand, as Mondays are for nominations in the Today’s episode, arguments between contestants got Intensified.

Today’s Episode started with Akhil and Ashu becoming emotional by thinking about Ajay.

Nominations Segment: Break The Pots

The nomination task of this week announced by Bigboss is that every contestant must break the pot of the contestants they want to nominate for eviction. The inmates’ selection for eviction went the following way.

Akhil : Shiva and Hamida
Ariyana : Nataraj and Hamida
Shiva: Nataraj and Mithra
Hamida : Ariyana and Nataraj
Ashu: Shiva and Baba Bhaskar
Mithra : Shiva and Bindu
Anil : Nataraj and Baba Bhaskar
Bindu: Mithra and Shiva
Nataraj : Anil and Ariyana

Ariyana Vs Nataraj

The nomination between Ariyana and Nataraj went on fire, one nominating the other. Ariyana selected Nataraj for her nomination and said that she didn’t like him framing a wrong statement on Hamida during the task and changing his team’s opinion also. Continuing this, Nataraj pointed out that Ariyana is the one in the game who doesn’t care even if someone dies in the house. When his chance came, Nataraj also nominated Ariyana and made her emotional by saying she started her game now as she got the money for her Plot within these weeks and now she has no necessity to stay in Big Boss house anymore. Triggered by this, Ariyana left the nomination process.

Nataraj Vs Hamida

Nataraj’s fight with Hamida continued in today’s nominations also as Hamida nominated Nataraj for calling her emotional Vanaja. She also added that the same person who pointed out her crying asked her to be emotional and to cry in the task to make his team win. Reacting to this, Nataraj said that Hamida always plays a false game.

Mithra Becomes Mouth-Piece of Akhil

Today’s nominations got to the peaks with Mithra reacting more on Shiva and Bindu
She nominated and pointed out that Shiva always sees negative in her and said he is the worst gamer ever in Big Boss. However, Shiva also nominated Mithra by saying she remembers the sacrifices of only people who she likes and not others. Reacting to her statement, he also said that Mithra is the cheapest gamer he has ever seen in the Bigboss.

On the other hand, Mithra nominated Bindu for saying she can’t understand whether her character is fake or real. She also triggered Bindu, by using the Ajay issue “I have Spine” several times and by asking Bindu to speak with her by looking into her eyes. This made Bindu come close to her and catch her ears. However, Mithra complained to Bigboss that Bindu is getting physical with her.

Continuing this Bindu also nominated Mithra by saying she reacts over all the things and doesn’t be the same in and out. As Mithra talked with Bindu by seeing Akhil’s face and as Akhil supported Mithra during the process, Bindu asked Mithra not to be the Mouth-piece of Akhil.

Nominated Contestants Of this Week:

Baba Bhaskar
Hamida and

Finally, Today’s episode got wrapped up with Akhil complaining about Bindu to Baba Bhaskar.