Big Boss Non-stop: Ep 59: Broken Promises Ignites Fights!Bigg Boss has always grabbed headlines and made it to the news for its controversial content, crazy inmates, and its show host Nagarjuna. Following the same format, Bigg Boss Season OTT has started with lots of fun and enthusiasm, and like always, the twists and turns in each episode have impressed its audience. Today’s episode went on with the contestants sharing their happy memories as well as their complaints.


Today’s episode started with the task “Gurtukostunnayi”. Bigboss compiled a collection of childhood pictures of the contestants and asked all the inmates to share their memories related to the picture.

Bindu and Anil became emotional during this task by remembering their elder brothers.

Broken Promises
Bigboss placed a Hashtag board at the Garden, which consists of names assigned by contestants for themselves before coming to the house. Later, Bigg Boss asked every contestant to select two in-mates who they feel should have failed Hashtag and to explain the reasons. Failure Hashtag selection went in the following way:

Shiva – “Gave Up” to Anil and “Coward” to Ariyana
Akhil – “Coward” to Ariyana
Bindu – “Gave Up” to Anil
Ashu – “Coward” to Ariyana and “Gave up” to Anil
Ariyana – “Barking” to Nataraj and “Loser” to Akhil
Mithra- “Gave Up” to Anil and “Coward” to Ariyana
Ajay – “Virakthi” to Bindu
Mahesh- “Gave up” to Anil and “Pichekkindi” to Ashu
Hamida – “Barking” to Nataraj
Nataraj – “Thaggeundi” to Hamida
Anil – “Barking” to Nataraj

Ariyana Vs Akhil
Ariyana pointed out to Akhil that he always plays group games and that’s why he was the loser though he wins the game. However, Akhil hasn’t agreed to it and has an argument with her.

Mithra Vs Ariyana
With most of the housemates picking Ariyana as a coward, Ariyana reacted in a frustrated manner while Mithra said she was not giving her best in the game. Also during Shiva’s interaction, she asked why they were comparing her with last season and said she is not playing well in the present season. She also scolded Mithra for saying she is not strong only because she shared her sadness in the morning with Mithra.

Bindu Vs Ajay and Akhil
Ajay pointed out to Bindu that she bought the Sravanthi topic unnecessarily. He also said he hated always pointing to them as a group game. He added that they never pointed out her group game. Responding to this, Bindu asked when she played a group game. She added that she hasn’t been given a chance to point out her game as a group game.

Interfering in the middle, Akhil said she played a group game during the Likes task as she asked Ajay to save them. Bindu said, she just said to keep them until she comes, and it’s really silly to say that as a group game. However, as Akhil went on dragging the topic aggressively, fed up with his actions, Bindu questioned Akhil why he does such boxing-type actions while talking. Akhil replied that it is his mannerism. Bindu also pointed out thats why Ajay and Akhil never point out Nataraj when he talks about Sravanthi.

Nataraj Vs Hamida
A small argument went out between Nataraj and Hamida with Hamida saying Nataraj always barks and Nataraj saying that Hamida makes a person as Bakara (goat) to win her game.

Finally, the episode got wrapped up with Akhil provoking Ajay that why he couldn’t raise his voice over Bindu.