Big Boss Non-Stop: Ep 58: Naa Vintha Gaadha VinumaBigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu has completed almost half of its weeks. The creators and participants were leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience every week. Today’s episode went on a blend of funny and serious notes, with Bigboss asking to perform some funny tasks as well as to select the worst performer of the week.

Complaint Box
Today’s episode started with housemates discussing Hamida and Anil’s motherhood relationship. Later, the Big boss launched a complaint Box in a house and suggested to contestants that they can write their complaints with or without mentioning their names.

Akhil and Ashu complain about Ariyana
With the start of the complaint box in the house, Akhil and Ashu wrote a complaint to Ariyana. Ashu wrote that Ariyana is provoking and has no interest in the game. She also wrote a complaint about Anil stating that he is using unnecessary words.

Worst Performer Of The Week
On the order of Bigboss to select the worst performer of the week, housemates started picking out the worst performer and saying their reasons. With a lot of arguments happening with Ashu during this week’s captaincy contender task, all the inmates including Ajay, Akhil and Nataraj voted for Ashu as the Worst performer.

Worst Performer Of the Week – Ashu

Ashu Vs Anil
While all voted Ashu as the worst performer, Ashu voted Anil as the worst performer of the week by complaining that she didn’t like the statement of Anil saying without guts, boys are sending girls for competition. However, Anil said he hasn’t used the word girls and he in reverse pointed out Ajay for triggering him. With this, a small argument went on between Ajay and Anil. Later, Nataraj and Akhil also pointed out Anil, supporting Ashu and Ajay.

Luxury Budget Task
This week Bigg-boss assigned a luxury budget task named same-pinch and in-mates grabbed some food items by playing the game.

Naa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma
The big boss gave a fun task to housemates with the name Naa-Vinta Gaadha Vinuma, in which they have to narrate a variety story that happened in their life. The winner will get the doughnut as the prize for winning the task.

While all the in-mates narrated their variety of stories, Ariyana finally won the game with her laugh-evoking teenage love story.

Today’s episode got wrapped up with Ashu complaining to Nataraj that Ariayan, being a friend to her, hasn’t even given her water when she is in jail. She also praised Bindu, as, despite many fights between them, Bindu Spent almost four hours with her in this jail situation.