Big Boss Telugu Non stop Episode 57Unlike the one-hour episode, Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu is streaming on Disney+Hotstar 24*7. With this Big boss fans got the chance to watch what is happening inside the house throughout the day. Continuing the Idi Naa Adda task, today also contestants tried to take over the areas in the house.

Challenges Assigned:
Fourth Challenge Given: Let’s Go Banana

In the fourth challenge of the task and the first challenge of today, Mahesh and Mithra pair got tie with Anil and Hamida pair. However, Ashu as Sanchalak decided Mahesh and Mithra Pair as winners.

After winning, though Akhil and Bindu tried to convince Mahesh, they finally occupied Akhil and Bindu’s luggage room itself.

Ashu Disqualified From Captaincy Task
Bigg Boss warned the housemates for crossing the rules and asked all of them to choose either one pair or else Sanchalak as the reason for mistakes happening in the Task. He added that the chosen one will be disqualified for this week’s captaincy game.

With this announcement, all the housemates pointed out Ashu and Ashu got disqualified from captaincy contenders this week.

Ashu Vs Ariyana
Ariyana almost fought with Ashu three times in Today’s episode. She pointed out that Ashu is not playing a fair game and she is covering the mistakes with her strategies.

Shiva Vs Ashu
As Shiva ate chapati and hidden Jaggery without providing lunch access, Ashu tried to take out Chapati from Shiva’s mouth which lead to a little fight. Later Shiva threw the water bottle in anger and said that Ashu supports her friends and not others.

With all the contestants going opposite Sanchalak today’s episode wrapped up with Bigboss announcing the task finished for today but housemates will get the last chance tomorrow to stand as winners in the task.