Bichagadu Hero Vijay Antony Shows Magnanimous Side, Will Others Follow?So far, many stars and actors have come forward with donations to help the needy in the hour of crisis. The coronavirus has put a deathly blow to the daily workers and small-time producers in the cinema industry.

Under these circumstances, the Tamil actor Vijay Antony has gone ahead with a reduction in remuneration. The Bichagadu hero has slashed it by twenty-five percent. Currently, he has three films in the hand which are in various stages of production. It would definitely ease the burden on the producers.

However, a more extensive debate arises here. Will it be the same case with many other more prominent and popular faces, as well? The remuneration takes a massive chunk of the budget of a movie. If they could be reduced, it will be a welcome relief to the producers, no doubt.

It will, for sure, become a huge topic of discussion in the coming days as the industry will slowly come back to its feet. But, can the stars do the deed before the talk raises and are forced to do the necessary needs to be seen.