Bheemla Theaters Resembling War Zones!Theaters screening Bheemla Nayak in Andhra Pradesh are witnessing unprecedented scenes. Thanks to the hatred of Jagan on Pawan Kalyan, theaters are resembling war zones to ensure that the movie is harrassed to the core.

In districts, each theater is allocated a bunch of constables and revenue officials to ensure that Ticket rates are being priced at a record low in accordance to G.O. 35, no benefit shows, and no extra chairs etc.

The shows in Andhra Pradesh have started only at 11 AM like never before in many years in recent times. In Telangana, many theaters have completed two shows already by this time. In several C and D centers, the movie was not screened due to untenable rates.

Theaters that have sold 100 Rupees for DJ Tillu until last night were asked to follow 35 Rupees max from today. Trade experts expect that this attitude of the Government may cost around 20 Crore Share for the film if not more.

There is scathing criticism on the Government for this autocratic attitude. What happened until now is very less when compared to what is happening today. Even the supporters of the ruling party are struggling to defend this vendetta politics.