Bheemla -Nayak - First Glimpse -Pawan Kalyan - Rana Daggubati-Aishwarya RajeshThe character glimpse and title reveal of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s latest flick is out. There is not much surprise with the title, but the character glimpse does the required deed. PSPKRana has been named Bheemla Naayak. It is him versus Daniel Sekhar, played by Rana Daggubati.

The glimpse is a short one and part of a single sequence. The focus, therefore, is entirely on the star at the centre, Pawan Kalyan. He is without any doubts in his elements. It is further enhanced with the impactful dialogues towards the end.

The scintillating background score by Thaman towers above everything else and takes this short glimpse to the next level. He has breathed fire with his work.

We all know that Bheemla Naayak is a remake of the Malayalam movie Ayyappanum Koshiyum. Since the film’s start, there has been a buzz regarding the Telugu title, whether it would be titled similarly. When Bheemla Naayak got momentum; it was clear that Telugu will be a different take. The way the ending of the glimpse has been designed to address this issue is superb.

The massy glimpse also delivers the message that Bheemla Naayak means business. He is coming with its target clear – the masses for the Sankranthi festival. If Pawan Kalyan carries the same energy and along with Rana Daggubati, they deliver on the intensity Bheemla Naayak would be a formidable force at the box office.

Bheemla Naayak has Rana Daggubati in the parallel lead. Nithya Menon and Aishwarya Rajesh are the female leads. Ravi K Chandra handles the cinematography.

Check out the glimpse below. Saagar K Chandra directs Bheemla Nayak. Trivikram Srinivas provides the screenplay and dialogues. The Sithara Entertainments production will hit cinemas on January 12th, 2022, for Sankranthi festival.