Sunil starrer Bheemavaram Bullodu has surprised the big time in its first two days of run. With today being Saturday and tomorrow Sunday, there is no looking back for the film at least till the weekend is over trade says. The film as we all know opened on February 27 on the occasion of Maha Shivarathri and the holiday release has worked in its favor giving the film the biggest opening in the career of Sunil.

The biggest reason for surprise for the trade however is the fact that the film has got not so encouraging word of mouth and poor reviews all over. Yet the opening and the subsequent day’s box office numbers suggest that the people didn’t seem to mind the quality of the film and have been enjoying watching Sunil on the big screen after a long gap proving once again the actor’s box office pull. If Bheemavaram Bullodu holds up the numbers from Monday onwards as well it could very well turn out to be a clean hit at the box office giving recovery to all the parties involved.