Bheemavaram Bullodu funniest film of my career - SunilSunil Varma is a great comedian and ever since he became a lead actor, he made it a point to not let go of his strength which is comedy. He has used it wisely in all his films as lead actor in the recent past and said it he will continuing using in the future as well.

He said that the comedy in his upcoming film Bheemavaram Bullodu will be ten times better than comedy in his last few films. He added that it will be the funniest film of his career and is sure to impress audience. He said this film is very important to him because since it has a connection to his birth place, he wants to ensure that it turns out to be blockbuster.

Sunil said that this film has an ensemble cast of comedians and they are sure to bring down the roof in the cinemas with their comedy.