Bharat-Ane-Nenu-Uncut-Videos--To-Be-or-Not-To-BeThe lengthy run-time of ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ was finally cut after editing some scenes that were shot originally. Mahesh Babu and Koratala Siva kept on repeating that the actual narration was for 5 hours and it had the stuff to be made into two parts.

The uncut videos of the movie were released on YouTube. The major one among those was the close to 5 minutes Assembly Question Hour scene. After watching the uncut video we accept that it deserves to be chopped down, mercilessly.

But then, the other two videos look good and they can definitely add weight to Mahesh Babu’s character if not for the lengthy run-time of the movie. On popular demand, the makers decided to release these videos. There is one more uncut video Mahesh Babu’s fans are eagerly waiting for. Can you guess? It’s the Holi Fight scene that we have got to see in the trailer.