Bhajan Gang Spoiling KartikeyaLike it might probably happen with any upcoming actor, Karthikeya‘s judgment of the scripts he has been choosing is the main reason for the way they have flopped recently except for his one blockbuster.

According to a report and sources close to the actor, there is a bhajan gang around him that is making him actually choose the wrong scripts. They keep praising him for just about anything and everything the actor does.

He definitely needs to have his own judgment on the script selection. If we take the example of Nani, he works with not so popular names but delivers hits and of course, his performance is his big asset.

Karthikeya has that big-screen presence and he can totally improve himself gradually as an actor only when he develops the right judgment for the scripts that come his way instead of relying on the bhajan gang around him. What say?