Bhai's Overseas debacle!

Nagarjuna’s Bhai had a decent first day in AP but the overseas figures of the movie is looking dismal. The movie is bought for 100K dollars for the entire overseas arena. The other expenses like prints, publicity and transportation accounted to 30K dollars. The movie was not able to attract exhibitors except for 2-3 centers in US. So, the distributor had to release the movie on his own.

The movie had collected 17.5K dollars from the premiers and about 4.5K dollars on Friday. It is expected to collect 20K-22K dollars in its full run which means a 100K+ dollars loss is clearly on cards. The bad performance of the movie there can be attributed to the bad reviews received by the movie. The movie managed an average of 2.25-2.5 ratings from websites on the scale of five.