Bhai title misleading!

Akkineni Nagarjuna is out of form in recent times. The actor despite his perseverance is facing indifferent results. The actor and his fans had pinned high hopes on his upcoming movie, Bhai which is all set for October 25th release. The movie reportedly came out well but the people who have watched the movie are lamenting on the movie title and the promotion campaign.

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The movie is in fact a comedy entertainer but the title and the trailers suggest that the movie as an action entertainer. This could mislead the audience and set their expectations in the reverse direction. This is not the only case with Nagarjuna’s Bhai. Several times in the past it happened when the title and movie do not have a connection and it would disappoint fans and audience who set their expectations according to the promotion. Lets hope it is not the case with Bhai this time.