Bhai in Tamil too?

Nagarjuna’s Greekuveerudu was dubbed in Tamil when it released few months back, and now, in all possibility his upcoming film “Bhai” is likely to be dubbed in Tamil as well. One should remember that Nag has good following in Tamil too because some of his best films have had a good run here as well.

The film is slated to release in September and all eyes are on the film after Nag’s last two films failing to mint money at the box-office. However, going by the trailer of Bhai, it just looks like another mass, commercial outing.

One should also keep in mind the condition of Andhra Pradesh post the T-state divide. One wonders if Telugu films made by Andhra would be allowed to release in Telangana or not. If they are not allowed to release then the film is likely to incur lot of losses.